Freedom Fund

The freedom fund is going to be made up of a list of passive income agents that will hopefully (by the time I’m 35) be paying a large percentage of or all of my basic necessity expenses.

I have just started dabbling in investing over the course of the last year and have focused my efforts solely on dividend investing.

The list of dividends pictured above is based on companies that I personally think are stable and a future in the economy. I pulled this list from Mr Free at 33‘s list that he is personally invested in. He has over 100 different stocks, I simply copied those that I identify with as a starting point and I’ll build after I’m satisfied with my stakes in these.

As of 10/28/16freedom-fund

The stocks with partial shares were purchased on Loyal 3. The shares that only show whole shares were purchased via the Robinhood app.

The total value is $877.43, but that’s not really what interests me. The dividend yield listed in the far right corner is what matters more, I am aiming to stay around 3% dividend yield minimum. I am also beginning with mostly Dividend Aristocrats (companies that have a track record or increasing their dividends over the last 25 years) but have strayed with a couple because their stock prices were more affordable than usual and the dividend payout is higher.