Freedom Fund Update – 3.16.17

I’ve been throwing a few bucks into different stocks lately and thought I’d update the list of what’s in the freedom fund.

I’ve got a few more shares of Coca Cola and Ford and I added STB to the list.

Freedom Fund Update 31617

STB is a monthly dividend stock and while it doesn’t pay a terribly high dividend, the shares are super cheap so that $100 threshold goes to buy about 18 shares (18x $0.04=$0.72 a month). I’m reconsidering my HCP holdings and contemplating selling those shares to buy more STB. $60 of STB would almost double my current holding and add another $0.44/month for a total of $3.12/quarter, beating all of my other dividend totals. HCP pretty much cut its dividend in half so it has room to rebound but I think STB has a lot more room for growth. Since it just paid out a dividend in February, I don’t see myself waiting until May to dump it.

I broke it down by month to see how much should be coming in each month, since the goal is $750/quarter or basically $250/month.


Ford pays $1.05
STB pays $$0.60

Total: $1.65 dividend payment

Target pays $1.12
AT&T pays $2.94
Verizon pays $1.16
HCP pays $0.74
STB pays: $0.60

Total: $6.56 dividend payment

Intel pays $0.76
STB: $0.60

Total: $1.36

Ford pays $1.05
Coca Cola pays $2.69
STB pays $0.60

Total: $4.34

Coca Cola pays $2.69
Intel pays $0.76
STB pays $0.60

Total: $4.05

I based this on past dividend payout, some of them were a month off the regular pay schedule.

I’m sitting at $49/annual dividend payouts or $4/month.

I was utilizing the Acorns app to set aside $20-30 each month to invest and I really didn’t miss the $4 or $5 it would transfer out here and there, based on my spending patterns but it wasn’t earning for me based on my dividend approach. If anything, I was losing money due to the $1 monthly fee and the market changes. At this point, I don’t want to try to time the market or ride out the changes, I simply want to put money into dividend stocks and work towards building those up. I do not look at the actual dollars that are changing every day as the stock price changes.

Instead, I am going to transfer $30 to buy stocks of my choosing. I do have a few dollars in dividends sitting in my Loyal 3 account that I could combine with a transfer from my bank account to go towards Coca Cola, Intel or Target, as those are the stocks that I have on that platform and I am able to purchase partial shares.

In September, my cost of living will be dramatically cut (as my lease in my apartment is up and I am now living with my boyfriend at his house) and I will be able to contribute $500/month towards stocks, minimum.

I hope to be posting much more exciting changes in the Freedom Fund near the end of the year. For now, though, I have limited funds as I explore different career avenues and will more than likely slowly increase my holdings to at least equal $200 worth of each of these stocks and throw anything extra I have into STB as well as be on the lookout for additional monthly dividend stocks.

By the end of the year, I’d like to see that monthly dividend average be much closer to $20.



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