Monthly Dividend Stocks

Monthly Dividend Stock Picks

In my quest for passive income, I am continually adding quality stocks to my list that have a consistent history of paying dividends. In my research of such stocks, I realized that there are stocks that pay monthly dividends as well and that was pretty intriguing. Mostly, the monthly dividends are MUCH less than the usual quarterly dividend payouts, but in some cases the quarterly sum is pretty close.

I came across a list of 12 Reliable Monthly Dividend Stocks on and I decided to dig a little and apply my $100 threshold rule to see if they would be worth adding to the freedom fund.

Here’s what I found.

Paid dividends since 2005
$0.13 monthly dividend
$100 would buy 5 shares = $0.65/month payout or $1.95/quarter

Paid dividends since 1992, and paid a monthly dividend since 2005
$0.19 monthly dividend
$100 would buy 2 shares = $0.38/month or $1.14/quarter

Paid dividends since 1995
$0.21 monthly dividend
$100 would only buy 1 share = $0.21/month or $0.63/quarter
$117 would buy 2 shares = $0.42/month or $1.26/quarter

Paid dividends since 1995
$0.14 monthly dividend
$100 would buy 2 shares = $0.28/month or $0.84/quarter
$110 would buy 3 shares= $0.42/month or $1.26/quarter

Paid dividends since 2005
$0.10 monthly dividend
$100 would buy 4 shares = $0.40/month or $1.20/quarter
$103 would buy 5 shares = $0.50/month or $1.50 quarter

Appears to have been acquired or not publicly listed under this ticker symbol any longer

Paid dividends since 2011, and a monthly dividend since 2013
$0.12 monthly dividend
$100 would buy 4 shares – $0.48/month or $1.92/quarter

Paid dividends since 1992
$0.06 monthly dividend
$100 would buy 6 shares = $0.36/month or $1.08/quarter
$107 would buy 7 shares = $0.42/month or $1.26/quarter

Paid dividends since 2003
$0.07 monthly dividend
$100 would buy 11 shares = $0.77/month or $2.31 quarter

Paid dividends since 2001
$0.01 monthly dividend
$100 would buy 12 shares = $0.12/month or $0.36/quarter

Paid dividends since 1999
$0.01 monthly dividend
$100 would buy 57 shares = $0.57/month or $1.71/quarter

Paid dividends since 2011
$0.19 monthly dividend
$100 would buy 2 shares  = $0.38/month or $1.14/quarter
$110 would buy 3 shares = $0.57/month or $1.71 quarter

Based on these breakdowns, I definitely would not spend $100 on ERF to generate 12 cents a month, I’d call that one the loser of the bunch.

My choices:

For a few of the stocks, I provided two price points if it would only be a few more dollars over $100 to purchase another share.

GLAD would generate the highest payout as a dividend investor with GOOD and STAG following close behind. HGT and MAIN are a little behind that, but I would choose HGT before MAIN since the share price is so low. You could potentially purchase many more of HGT for the same $100, even though it’s monthly payout is quite a bit less. Then, if its dividend were to increase even a penny, you’d have that much more buying power or income based just on the high number of shares you’d own in comparison, since it’s so cheap and that $100 would go a lot further.

I use the Robinhood app for most of my stock purchases as well as Loyal 3, both are fee free investment platform options.







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