$5 projects: taking mason jars to the next level


I like mason jars. For everything.

Everybody has their thing that they collect and mine has always been bottles and jars. Endless hours of treasure hunting at antique stores and thrift shops and what do I come out with 75% of the time? Bottles and jars.

I’ve gotten to the point where I have all loose foods and grains (rice, flour, sugar, noodles) in glass jars to protect against weevils (been there done that, not fun). They’re also good to freeze things in, they don’t have BPA, and they’re reusable.

So, naturally, when I moved into my boyfriend’s house a few weeks ago, I converted the bulk size containers of coffee, creamer, and sugar that were living on the counter next to the coffee pot into glass jars that are much easier on the eyes and free up counter space.

My jars had mismatched lids because I had swapped a few around to have solid lids on the ones that sit next to the coffee pot as opposed to the lids with separate pieces for canning.

This is what I started with.



I’ve recently had my eye on some copper and rose gold spray paint. I bought the copper for another home project that I just started but thought I would experiment with it a little to see if it would unify the look of the jars.


I sprayed 3 coats on the lids and left them outside in the sun to dry.

At some point, there was a brief rain shower that I didn’t notice and it rained on my lids when the paint was still tacky.


I was pleasantly surprised to find a raindrop pattern actually stuck IN the paint.


This is the final product and I can’t even believe how much a little copper spray paint elevated these babies. They went from upcycled and plain to a matching, interesting set that looks as though they were purchased together. Although I couldn’t have planned for the rain drop pattern, if it looks like the weather is forecasting storms – I may try to recreate the effect for another project.

Copper is the new gold, my friends.

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