How to Be Successful Working From Home

How to Successfully Work from Home

Working from home.

That’s the dream, isn’t it?

I know I have personally been striving to get out of rush hour traffic, to free myself from a micromanaging boss, and to spend less time with coworkers that make you so mad you could hit something.

For the last month and a half, I’ve been doing the work from home thing.


I am basking in the glory of running errands while the other 90% is sitting in their office. The 7:00 AM get-up-and-get-ready-for-work alarm clock does not go off in my house. (The puppy goes off before 8 AM usually though, but that’s our house) The brown paper bag does not consist of my lunch.

But what’s funny though, is that while you should have so much more time available and you should feel energized about working on projects that excite you and the work day should just zip right by, it’s a little more complicated than that.

Even for people who consider themselves as introverts, as I do, you start to feel like you need that connection with the outside world. That afternoon crash hits harder than ever and since you’re not sitting in an office full of people, you find it harder to resist the couch or the bed for ‘just a quick little nap’ that turns into 2 hours.

I consider myself to be pretty disciplined and to have a good amount of willpower when it comes to handling what needs to be done, but when the only deadlines is “I need to do that today” — that quickly snowballs into “I’ll just knock it out tomorrow.”

Do you know what the answer is?


I know it seems slightly counter intuitive when the whole point of working from home, at a glance, is to be able to basically do what you want, as long as you get it done. The biggest problem with that, is that [for me] there’s always later. Sure, I have until I go to sleep tonight at 11 pm, but am I really going to do whatever it is I put off once my significant other gets home and it’s 8:30 at night? On occasion, sure. But on the regular? Probably not.

The main idea to take away here is that there has to be some sort of structure and a couple of goals to strive for.

You need to know why you want to work from home. Is it because you want to have a flexible day? (I do). Is it because you don’t want to wake up before the sun? (Of course). Is it because you want to have more free time? (Don’t we all?)

I want all those things. But, the point here is that – since I want those things, I have to also realize that there are things that working from home does not afford me and since I want those things, I must do other things I may not want to do.

It’s all about the way you see it.

It does not allow me to stop working whenever I feel like it every day because that quickly gets out of hand. It does let me work whenever I want, whether that be from 9-12 and then 4-7 or from 10-4, etc. It does let me take off on Tuesday if I need to, but probably means I have to work on Saturday.

I have found that while a set everyday schedule sets up a good routine, the beauty of working from home (mainly its flexibility) is that you can CHOOSE when to work.. as long as you ARE working.

A change in attitude can change your life, my friends. That’s the secret.

If you work from home and have any tips about being productive or getting more done in less time, I’d love to hear them!


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