A new word for a new year

Have you ever taken part in the One Little Word experience?

I’ve tried it a few times over the years, and I’ve been heavily influenced by Elise’s participation over the years.

My past words have been quality and heart, but I never felt like they were quite the right words. Pieces of those were right for the season but perhaps just not quite right.

This year, I agonized over what I would choose. 2017 is the year to do things differently. I talked before about how I plan to work from home and basically overhaul the way I do everything.

As I was taking a walk, it hit me – my word for this year is move.


MOVE has so many facets that I want to apply to my life this year.

I actually did not set a long list of resolutions as I usually do. I have goals that I would like to meet on a weekly and monthly basis with relation to my new job and schedule, etc. but not a bucket list of things I want to accomplish this year.

The only things I did set were to hit 10k steps every day in 2017 and set my word. Move is appropriate for the 10k steps goal because it requires me to get out and move more. I have taken a few walks into nearby neighborhoods and have already been so inspired by the houses, yards, and just feeling of getting out there and doing something. It’s also great because while it is of course fitness related, it is not so suffocating as go to the gym x amount of times per week. It’s much more along the lines of I can go for a walk or a run, or I can dance around the apartment if I feel so inclined – just so long as I hit 10k. My new Fitbit Alta that I got for Christmas is helping keep this goal at top of mind.

I also want to move past the safety zone I have been in for the LAST 10 YEARS OF MY LIFE. My get through college job – waiting tables – somehow turned into something that lasted an extra six years past college graduation. It used to make me feel as though I was behind in life, that I had taken a wrong turn or made a bad decision somewhere. Turns out I’m just not cut out for sitting at a desk in an office and commuting during rush hour traffic for less money than I can make working a few nights a week. I no longer feel like I didn’t figure it out, I now think that this job served me well over my 20s and let me experiment. I finally feel as if I’ve found my thing and I’m ready to make this the year that I move on to new great things.

There will also be an actual move this year as well as it feels like the time to join households with my significant other, that’s just a fun coincidence though.

2017 shall be a year of great movement, career wise and personally and for once I still feel the clean slate excitement of a new year even though we’re a week in. That can only mean good things!

Cheers, 2017.


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