It’s a good time for a good change



A new year always beckons change.

Every year, after the magic of Christmas has settled, it’s time to look around and take stock of where you are and decide if you’re in the right place and headed in the right direction.

I’ve been unsettled personally for much of 2015 and 2016.

I knew that I needed change, I knew that I needed a different job… and it has taken me those two full years to figure out the exact path to do that.

It’s funny how when you look back over the course of events, you can see the patterns and the cause-effects that occurred that brought you to the exact place that you are now. Those small changes that happened, the different ideas you looked into.. they eventually all came together at the end to point to a specific avenue.

So that’s where I am, I’m on a cliff and ready to jump, finally. It just so happens that my jump will perfectly coincide with the first week of 2017 and I didn’t plan every exact detail for that to happen (as I normally would try to) – so I know the timing is dead on.

This 29th year of my life is the year where I will close a lot of chapters that have spanned basically all of my 20s. It’s hard to keep trudging through circumstances that you know you’ve outgrown, but are unsure of what the next steps look like.

This last week of 2016, I’ll be putting away the Christmas decorations, clearing a space to work from home, and drawing up a schedule that has room for: going for walks in the middle of the day, puppy snuggling, pulling balanced dishes out of the fridge for lunch, morning yoga, and freelance work.

I know it will be an evolving process that gets tweaked a little each day, but I plan to recap a first month’s progress and celebration for hitting the goals I’ve set.


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